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25 Free Tools To Create Your Custom Elearning Courses

iSpring Space, the online workspace of iSpring Suite Max, enables users to collaborate on courses. Teammates can help by making adjustments to design, texts, or by building a quiz for the course. With iSpring Space, users can also store all projects online and share a link with colleagues or stakeholders for review. It’s crucial to establish social proof for your next authoring tool provider.

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April is the first training professional iHerb has employed in its more than 20-year history. After six months of intense work, a total of 204 books were delivered. Plus, more than 4,000 resources were added, including audios, videos, and interactive Mobile App Development activities. Editorial Moderna continues to produce thousands of pages each year. dominKnow

Custom Learning Management Systems Development

Their users are Subject Matter Experts who have no experience with authoring tools. Systems Development Life Cycle Anyone should be able to work with Easygenerator without any training.

Articulate 360 has everything eLearning professionals need for course development. The annual subscription includes the award-winning authoring apps Storyline 360 and Rise e learning software 360 with 6+ million course assets. Also, you get an easy-to-use project review app and live and on-demand online training with industry experts such as Tom Kuhlmann.

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iSpring Solutions, Inc. produces a number of simpler eLearning products, such as QuizMaker and Presenter for creating tests and video lectures respectively. For example, sto vs ico most LMS’s can track the number of hits to a certain area of a course as well as the amount of time a learner has spent on a particular area of a course.

The evaluation of students is easier and fair, based on student attendance and online quizzes. One can access materials anytime, from everywhere, teachers can modify the content, and students can see the updated material.


However, you do have to make room for IT support, since they usually don’t include vendor assistance or online multi messenger facebook training resources. Most platforms do have active user communities for DIY troubleshooting though.

This LMS comes with a certification feature, which creates certificates after you complete the course. It allows instructors to track the progress of learners and generate reports to compute the cloud computing deployment models ROI of different training programs. You can even customize your courses using an authoring tool, but at the same time, it allows you to come with your Sharable Content Object Reference Model .


Despite its many benefits, however, the use of online courses and LMS solutions is still far from being the norm in L&D. According to The Transformative Curve 2018 Benchmark Research, face-to-face learning still dominates the L&D landscape with 55% of companies preferring this over other teaching formats. Meanwhile, only 32% of formal learning is reinforced using technology. E-learning may seem pretty expensive, but the truth is there are plenty of freeware tools on the market. Such options can be a great starting point for those who are just beginning to work with e-learning and want to get a taste of what it’s like to do instructional design. Quickly create engaging and responsive eLearning using Lectora—the most powerful authoring tool—loaded with the eLearning Brothers AssetLibrary.

It’s easy to set up and is extremely flexible to add exams, quizzes, assignments and certificates. It’s an excellent tool for educators, individual instructors, entrepreneurs, software development services trainers for organizations, and small to medium businesses. The best eLearning authoring tools help you create meaningful and engaging content for online learners.

The Best Elearning Authoring Tools

Sometimes, the most immediate way to deliver eLearning is through pre-built courses that upskill all your employees in essential areas. And conquer your business challenges with the LMS of the future. The Moodle Project is supported by over 90 certified Moodle Partners globally. Available in over 100 languages, Moodle is trusted by organisations and institutions, large and small, with millions of users all over the world. The software does not require the Internet connection and installs directly on your computer. The first advantage of having an app on your desktop and not online is having an exceptional responsiveness that is not dependent on the Internet connection.

They offer a mix of fun games, quick quizzes, and cool displays that are sure to hook learners. All interactions are truly responsive and work on a wide variety of devices. No matter what Articulate 360 authoring app a developer chooses, their projects will e learning software work automatically on any mobile device. It solves the mobile device problem so developers don’t have to. contentCloud offers a flexible pricing model with reduced costs for non-author users (e.g., project managers) and also attractive discounts per volume.

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It’s easy to underestimate what goes into making something easy. Want Web App Development to know more about the value Easygenerator can bring to your project?

e learning software

We can give people content that’s relevant to them, whether they’re in a retail or call center environment, or anywhere else. Overview Learn about Gomo’s products, benefits and features, and watch a video of Gomo in action. If you are looking for a true partnership Belitsoft company might be the best choice for you.

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